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she/her pronouns please!

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im pretty cute for someone who doesnt really put any effort into being cute


some pics from like a week ago.

these are rad but i didnt get any notes on them. what the heckie dudes

Anonymous asked: Who was your last big crush?

come off anon and I’ll tell you. I don’t mind who it is that’s asking.

ok well i had TWO big crushes in the near past but they were both dorks

i realized the guy i befriended on campus reminds me of my last big crush. good fucking bye

im trying to stay positive but its easy to get discouraged in a new scary environment like this…and with all the new people

when you really click with someone on campus but you feel clingy and annoying for wanting to be around them all the time



I’ve been watching this for 5 minutes and giggling like an idiot.

my new reaction gif


ryan gosling wont eat his cereal